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Last update:   Thursday, December 1st at 9:06 am
Dale Cunningham and Vern Moore has EAGLES - Click - Golf News
Handicaps for December 1st are online - Click - Handicaps
Results of TEXAS HOLD ‘UM for Nov. 28th - Click - Poker Standings for 2016
2016 GlenLakes “Dew Sweepers” Championship Results - Click - Dew Sweepers Championship
LGA “Ace of Month for November” - Hirsch, Hoffman, Hogan - online - Click - LGA Ace
Jim Brown has HOLE-in-ONE - Click - Hole-in-One 2016
Misc pics of First Annual 2016 Couples Invitational - Click - Misc Couples Pics
First Annual 2016 Couples Invitational results - Click - Couples Invitational 2016
LGA Club Championship Results for 2016 - Click - LGA Championship
MGA Club Championship Results for 2016 - Click- Club Championship
Results of new Green Putt off and Misc pictures - Click - New Green Opening
LGA Minutes of Quarterly meeting - Click - Quarterly Meeting
MGA Minutes of Quarterly meeting - Click - Quarterly Minutes
Bunker Cafe has new Saturday Menu - Click - Bunker Cafe Menu
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GlenLakes FootGolf Qualifier Tournament results - Click - GlenLakes Qualifing Tournament
First Annual : GlenLakes Couples Invitational - Click - Couples Invitational
LGA Board updated for 2016/2017 Year - Click - LGA Home Page
MGA & LGA Calendar updated - Click - Calendar
LGA Pictures for July 2016 - Click - Members Pictures
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Bruce Timperley replacing and repairing all Blue Bird houses - Click -

 Old Picture of Lakes Course only - Click - Lakes Course
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The web-site is not associated with the GlenLakes Golf Club.   The Club does provide information for posting on the web-site  tournaments; current USGA approved handicaps; etc.  The availability of 24/7 access to this information is appreciated very much by the members.

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